667 transients classified by PESSTO so far
131 transients are being followed by PESSTO

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BBC Stargazing Live and SkyMapper Discover Supernova

Skymapper Supernova

Our friends in the SkyMapper team, led by Richard Scalzo and Fang Yaun, have been working with the BBC on Stargazing Live to find supernovae and providing candidates to Zooniverse for viewers all round the world to look through images for real exploding stars. The team found this object SMTJ13254308-2932269 on 18th March and immediately sent the details to Heather Campbell who is observing for PESSTO on the NTT in La Silla ...

Four New PESSTO Papers

Four more PESSTO papers have been submitted or accepted in February 2015. The PESSTO legacy data set for SN2009ip continues, with Morgan Fraser’s paper presenting the photometric and spectroscopic data for SN2009ip during 2013 and 2014 observing seasons. Elisabeth Gall submitted a paper on LSQ13cuw discovered within a day of explosion by our partners in the La Silla QUEST survey. Andrea Pastorello’s substantial series of papers on type Ibn supernovae continues with papers V and VI in the series being supported with PESSTO data. PESSTO has now published (or submitted) 22 papers, with approximately another 20 in prepara ...

a few of the most recent PESSTO papers ...

Bright but slow - Type II supernovae from OGLE-IV - implications for magnitude-limited surveys  Poznanski, D.; Kostrzewa-Rutkowska, Z.; Wyrzykowski, L. et al.
LSQ14bdq: A Type Ic super-luminous supernova with a double-peaked light curve  Nicholl, M.; Smartt, S. J.; Jerkstrand, A. et al.
SN 2012ec: mass of the progenitor from PESSTO follow-up of the photospheric phase  Barbarino, C.; Dall'Ora, M.; Botticella, M. T. et al.