757 transients classified by PESSTO so far
190 transients are being followed by PESSTO

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PESSTO SSDR2 has been published and is now available for download from the ESO Catalogue Facility.

In its second year of operations, PESSTO has taken spectra of 395 distinct objects, bringing the overall total to 681 objects. During this second year 42 supernovae and 1 AGN were chosen as interesting science targets and scheduled for follow-up time series EFOSC2 optical spectroscopy, with the brightest also having SOFI spectra (the 1 AGN was not followed in detail).

In total 798 EFOSC2 spectra have been released. These include 411 EFOSC2 spectra of our science targets which are chosen for detailed follow-up. The oth ...

A new method for measuring nickel masses in type Ia supernova

Mike Childress has submitted a paper analysing 94 nebular spectra of type Ia supernovae in the most extensive study to date of cobalt emission lines. Type Ia supernovae are powered by the radioactive decay of 56-Ni to 56-Co during their early phases. After about 60 days the decay of 56-Co to stable 56-Fe powers their luminosity. Mike’s paper shows that the initial mass of 56-Ni can be determined from the flux in the cobalt 5892 Angstrom line (a forbidden transition of Co III). This is po ...

a few of the most recent PESSTO papers ...

On Type IIn/Ia-CSM supernovae as exemplified by SN 2012ca*  Inserra, C.; Fraser, M.; Smartt, S. J. et al.
The type Iax supernova, SN 2015H. A white dwarf deflagration candidate  Magee, M. R.; Kotak, R.; Sim, S. A. et al.
On the nature of Hydrogen-rich Superluminous Supernovae  Inserra, C.; Smartt, S. J.; Gall, E. E. E. et al.