564 transients classified by PESSTO so far
91 transients are being followed by PESSTO

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PESSTO Superluminous Supernovae

Nicholl, Smartt & Jerkstrand et al. have submitted the paper to MNRAS.

We present optical spectra and light curves for three hydrogen-poor super-luminous supernovae followed by the Public ESO Spectroscopic Survey of Transient Objects (PESSTO). Time series spectroscopy from a few days after maximum light to 100 days later shows them to be fairly typical of this class, with spectra dominated by Ca II, Mg II, Fe II and Si II, which evolve slowly over most of the post-peak photospheric phase. We determine bolometric light curves and apply simple fitting tools, based on the diffusi ...

PESSTO DR1 Released


We’re pleased to announce that the PESSTO DR1 spectral data is now publically available from the ESO archive search and retrieve interface.

If you would like to download the data you will find the wiki pages helpful.


a few of the most recent PESSTO papers ...

Superluminous supernovae from PESSTO  Nicholl, M.; Smartt, S. J.; Jerkstrand, A. et al.
OGLE-IV Real-Time Transient Search  Wyrzykowski, L.; Kostrzewa-Rutkowska, Z.; Kozlowski, S. et al.
The first month of evolution of the slow-rising Type IIP SN 2013ej in M74  Valenti, S.; Sand, D.; Pastorello, A. et al.